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Offers recycling presentation at Temple Hillel in North Woodmere

Rabbi Steven M. Graber (left) welcomes Sanitary District No. 1 Commissioner Irving J. Kaminetsky (center) and Assistant Superintendent George Pappas to Temple Hillel in North Woodmere.

Sanitary District No. 1 recently offered a special recycling educational forum at Temple Hillel in North Woodmere.  The program was presented to update residents about the state-mandated enhanced recycling program which went into effect in January.

Chairman Irving J. Kaminetsky gave an overview and introduced District representatives and Assistant Superintendent George Pappas who spoke about the details relating to the enhanced rear-yard recycling program.  An informative video and slide show about the program was presented to the large group of attendees.  The presentation was followed by a question and answer session.

“We appreciated the opportunity we had to provide information to Temple Hillel members and local residents.  It is our goal to give residents all the information they need and to answer all of the questions they have about our recycling program.   The commissioners and staff of Sanitary District No. 1 are committed to making the enhanced recycling program a model for other municipalities to follow.  The success of this program depends on the support and participation of residents,” said Irving J. Kaminetsky, Chairman, Sanitary District No. 1 board of commissioners.

Residents of the District with questions about recycling regulations, items to recycle or pickup schedules should call the District’s Recycling Hotline (516) 239-3606 or go to the District‘s website Residents can also e-mail the District at to ask questions and to sign up for community recycling updates.

The District’s enhanced recycling program is easy to follow.  All paper, cardboard, plastic cans and bottles, and metal cans should be placed in the yellow recyclables-only container the District provided.  All recyclable materials may be co-mingled.  All other materials, including glass, should be discarded with regular household waste.