Special Commissioners Meeting | Tuesday May 28th 9:30am

Recycling Education Program for Elementary School Students

Sanitary District No.1 recently concluded a series of recycling education programs at local schools including Lawrence Elementary Schools No. 2, No. 4, No. 5, and No. 6, Franklin Elementary School in Hewlett and the Forest Road Elementary School in Valley Stream.  Hundreds of students participated in the educational programs which promoted recycling as a means of protecting the environment.  The children received recycling educational coloring books and crayons as part of the program and also were given a demonstration of one of the District’s sanitation trucks.

At the Forest Road Elementary School, Commissioners thanked students for their recycling efforts. 

Students collected over 150 bags of recyclables including aluminum cans, plastics and other materials.  The materials were picked-up at the school weekly by the District.  This effort was so successful that the program will be expanded to all elementary schools across the District during the 2008 – 2009 school year.  The expanded program will be part of the Sanitary District No. 1 School Recycling Challenge.  Students will participate in a friendly competition to see which school can collect the most recyclables.  Collection statistics will be posted on the Sanitary District’s website each month for students, parents and teachers to monitor.  The school that recycles the most will receive a special honor in the spring of 2009.

District No. 1 Commissioners Irving Kaminetsky, Joseph Candella, Harry Beltrani, James Vilardi and Frank Argento, Superintendent Philip Mistero and Assistant Superintendent George Pappas, Jr. visited schools as part of this program and spoke to students about the importance of recycling.  They explained the District’s successful track record with recycling and plans to expand recycling efforts.  Sanitation trucks were brought to each school and staff demonstrated their operations for the students.

“The Commissioners, management and staff of Sanitary District No. 1 remain committed to recycling as much materials as possible.  We are also dedicated to educating the public especially children about the importance of recycling.  The enthusiasm of all the students at all of the schools we visited was impressive.  We are especially encouraged by the commitment to recycling exhibited by the students, teachers and Principal Teresa Scrocco of the Forest Road Elementary School in Valley Stream.   We look forward to providing more informational programs and having the students participate in our District-wide School Recycling Challenge during the next school year,” said Chairman Irving Kaminetsky.

Sanitary District No. 1 is an independent sanitary district within the Town of Hempstead that provides municipal solid waste collection, recycling, transfer and disposal services to approximately 50,000 residents (18,000 homes) and various commercial and institutional properties in the villages of Cedarhurst, Hewlett, Hewlett Bay Park, Hewlett Harbor, Hewlett Neck, Inwood, Lawrence, Woodmere, Woodsburgh and portions of the unincorporated areas of Lynbrook and the Green Acres.  In terms of percentages, District No. 1 recycles more materials than any municipal entity in Nassau County.   Sanitary District No. 1 offers exceptional and attentive services, including special pickups and back door garbage pickup services for all residents.